C O N D O R . S A I L . C U R V E
~ complete album ~

1. Gamelan Moon Landing (ambient)


2. Surrender The One


3. Blue Smoke Screen


4. Red Light Falling


5. Slow Motion Sunset


6. Condor Sail Curve


C O N D O R . S A I L . C U R V E

John Tlusty ~ Kit Watkins ~ Brad Allen

Keyboards, electronic wind instrument, electronic and
acoustic percussion, cymbals, gongs, flute,
waterphone, loops, and effects

All tracks created by Tone Ghost Ether
live in the studio, early 2001
Potomac Falls, Virginia

Assembled and edited by Kit Watkins

Ensemble photo by John Tlusty

Cover design by Kit Watkins

432 Hz remaster, 2024

Copyright 2001 Tone Ghost Ether

circa 1960-2017