F R A M E S . O F . M I N D
~ complete album ~

1. My Telephone (Watkins/Allen)


2. Daisy (Watkins/Allen)


3. Far From Home (Watkins/Read)


4. Song (Watkins)


5. Brad's Spirit (Allen/Watkins)


6. Mandolin Orange (Watkins/Allen)


7. Open Door (Watkins/Allen)


8. Silences (Allen)


9. Siam (Watkins)


10. Pilobolus (Watkins)


11. Frames of Mind (Watkins)


12. Elements (Watkins)


13. Audia (Watkins/Allen)


F R A M E S . O F . M I N D

Kit Watkins: vocals, keyboards, drum machines, flute,
telephone, pan pipes, autoharp, percussion

Brad Allen: vocals, guitars, Casio, toy bells,
screwdriver-mandolin, timbales

Cover photography and design
by Kit Watkins

432 Hz remaster, 2024

Copyright 1985 Kit Watkins



In loving memory: Brad Allen

You were a brother to me
and are greatly missed.