F I E L D . O F . V I E W
~ complete album ~

1. Spirit of the Water

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2. Legato Paramecium

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3. Life After Truth

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4. Paradoxicon

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5. The Vessel Ruse

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6. To Love Their Servitude

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7. Field of View

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F I E L D . O F . V I E W

Kit Watkins: keyboards, vocals, percussion

Forrest Young: drums/percussion,
tracks 1,3,5,6,7 - koto, track 7

Greg Moreau: ebow guitar, track 4

Aldous & the Chipd-Monks: track 6

All tracks composed by Kit Watkins
except track 1 by Peter Bardens

Cover photography and design
by Kit Watkins

432 Hz remaster, 2023

Copyright 2019 Kit Watkins

REVIEW: Exposé magazine

When one listens to the seven cuts here, the music unmistakably has
Watkins’ signature all over it, both in composition, arrangements, and performance
— there is really nodody else who sounds like him.
— Peter Thelen